New Heart Center for the Next Generation of Heart Care

Our community is dramatically impacted by cardiovascular disease. Coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, congestive heart failure and various forms of arrhythmia greatly affect those in our region.  

For more than two decades, Providence Everett has provided high-quality heart care to the patients we serve. We’re currently number two in the state in the number of cardiac procedures we perform. A unique opportunity now exists to deliver a new level of care by creating a world-class Heart Center committed to the prevention and treatment of heart disease in our region.  

This new Heart Center will provide comprehensive, leading-edge care to patients—from routine diagnostic testing to complex interventional and surgical procedures. It will bring together, in one location, nationally recognized cardiovascular physicians, advanced treatments and care innovations, cardiovascular research trials and a robust prevention and education program. This will put our community on a path to becoming one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading communities for cardiovascular health. Creating the new comprehensive Heart Center will require investment in four key areas:

  • Building a new collaborative Heart Center co-locating heart specialties enabling coordinated, patient-centric care 
  • Upgrading four Cardiac Catheter labs  
  • Expanding cardiovascular research capabilities and provide patients with access to a greater number of clinical trials 
  • Introducing a Heart Navigator program to provide assistance to patients undergoing complex hybrid procedures to ensure positive patient outcomes. 

Advanced Clinical Programs

Like many areas of medicine, heart care is continually evolving and finding new and innovative ways to treat patients. Our new Heart Center will focus on delivering comprehensive services and the latest models of care to ensure our patients have the best possible outcomes. This will include the most advanced treatments protocols, the use of cutting-edge medical devices and digital technologies and the development of robust research and prevention programs.  

Grateful Patient: Gina & Aaron Mischel

One night Gina Mischel woke with intense chest pain.  

In a panic, Aaron drove Gina to Providence Everett. Once they parked, Gina said she felt fine. But moments later, she was slumped in her seat. He couldn’t find a pulse. He started CPR with Gina lying on the sidewalk and called for help. 

Gina’s family is tremendously grateful for advanced heart care at Providence. “We’re 10 minutes away from one of the best hospitals in the nation. That brings us great peace of mind. They’re God’s helpers,” Gina said of her caregivers. 

Grateful Patient: Bill & Janice Rucker

Bill and Janice admit that the value of having access to world-class medical expertise becomes more relevant as one gets older. After Bill’s coronary bypass surgery, Janice said, “There’s nothing more important than excellent health care, and we have that in Providence. We’re blessed with a first-rate hospital and a first-rate cardiac program—one of the best in the nation.” 

Grateful Patient: George Schlosser

When George Schlosser felt tightness in his chest while clearing brush behind  his Lake Stevens home, at first he thought he’d pulled a muscle. But his experience as a volunteer firefighter told him otherwise. George knew he was having a heart attack. That same experience taught him that Providence Everett was the place to go for the best in cardiac care. “The whole time I had confidence,” George recalls. “Yes, I was scared. But once I got in the E.R. I knew I was going to make it because I was in the right place.” An interventional cardiology team inserted a catheter through a small incision in George’s wrist and used tools on the tip of the catheter to place stents in George’s heart. When he needed world-class care, close to home, Providence was there. “We knew we had a darn good hospital right here locally,” he said. “It definitely lived up to his reputation.”

 Grateful Patient: Charles & Ida Fletcher

Eighty-one year old Charles Fletcher has been living with atrial fibrillation (AFib) for about 10 years and was well aware of his high risk of stroke. Once his symptoms worsened and he had to stop driving because of dizzy spells, he learned his best option was a new innovative Watchman device to significantly reduce the chance of stroke caused by AFib.  Ida Fletcher said, “I can’t praise Providence enough for how well they cared for us.” Charles is more independent again, driving, and planning hikes for him and his granddaughter.  The Watchman device has been life changing for him and his family. 

“Over the years, we’ve seen evolution in technology and evolution of how we take care of patients. I want us to stay at the leading edge of that.”

Dr. Vinaya Chepuri, Interventional Cardiologist