Taking Trauma to the Next Level

As our region continues to grow, the need for comprehensive trauma services is urgent. Providence Everett’s Emergency Department is one of the busiest in the region. The number of trauma patients treated here has increased by 50% in the past five years. It’s time to take things to the next level. We’re currently designated as a Level II Trauma Center with the Washington State Department of Health. Our goal for the future is to build the expertise and resources to qualify as a Level I Trauma Center. Level I gives us greater capability to treat every aspect of injury, from prevention through rehabilitation.

Trauma is something that can happen to anyone, at any time. Every year, more than 600 trauma patients bypass Providence Everett to receive care in Seattle. Why? Because that’s where our state’s only Level I trauma center is located—30 miles away.  Access to a designated trauma center—close to home—can reduce the loss of life and the likelihood of debilitating injury. Providence’s trauma program is strong, but can be made greater by investing in the following areas:

  • A new,  trauma-dedicated operating room plus dedicated Intensive Care Trauma/Neuro beds
  • Additional trauma surgeons and staff certified in Trauma and Critical Care
  • Expanded diagnostic equipment to include additional Emergency Department CT scanner, ultrasound and thromboelastograms
  • Community wellness and prevention programs to reduce the incidence of trauma
  • Expanded trauma research capabilities

Growing Towards Level I Trauma Center

Whatever health issues arise, Providence wants to provide the best and most comprehensive care for our community. To achieve this, we plan to expand our capability as a Level II trauma center and set Providence Everett on a path to receiving a special commendation from the American College of Surgeons (ACS Level II certification) to then become only the second Level I trauma center in the state, along with Harborview in Seattle. Level I will ensure our community is receiving the highest quality trauma care—every day, around the clock. 

Grateful Patients: Emmet & Molly Traynor   

Trauma is something most people don’t think will happen to us, or to someone we love. Yet, trauma is the third leading cause of death in our community. It’s the number one cause of death in those between age one and 44. Trauma tends to happen suddenly and without warning. At Providence Everett, we want to be ready with the absolute best care when and where it’s needed. The Traynor family was returning home from a snowy family vacation when expert trauma care became the most important thing in their world.

Why Our Community Needs Us to Level Up

When it comes to trauma services, our community is vastly underserved. Consider how Snohomish County compares to Multnomah County, which is metro Portland in Oregon. Our population is almost identical in number, yet Portland has two level I Trauma Centers to serve its residents. Here, our entire region has only one Level I Trauma Center, in Seattle—and it serves Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. It’s time for Providence Everett to take the steps to fill this gap. Our community needs and deserves to have critical trauma services close to home. 

 “Providence Everett serves a five county region. Our community deserves to have critical trauma services close to home.”

Dr. Jay Cook, Chief Medical Officer, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett